Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Hindi Songs Strong Beat Remix Hip Hop

01. raja ko rani se pyard- dj  remix
 02. dekha hai pehli baar - dj remix
03. tu cheez -
dj remix
04. churakeh dil mera - dj remix
05. dulhe ka sehra - dj remix
06. teri chahat mend - dj remix
07. pehli baar - dj remix
08. bhaut pyar karte - dj remix
09  baazighar - dj remix
10. Tu cheez mix (tu cheez) - dj remix
11. da breaks -dj remix
12. instrumental - dj remix
13. haare haare - dj  remix
14. dil Ne yeh kaha - dj  remix
15. na kajre ki dhar - dj remix
16. life banjayego - dj  remix

Download by clicking on this link :


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  2. Hindi Songs Strong Beat Remix Hip Hop link is not working